Bebat – Pachamama

Objective Campaign

Bebat’s mission is to drive awareness around the collecting of batteries and wants to do so in a creative and positive way.

Media Characteristics

We developed a song, that was premiered and launched through the television format The Voice Kids and supported through our digital channels VTMGo and, as well as social media campaign.

Reason Best Practice

It was a ‘never-been-done-before’ campaign in Bebat’s sector. It used music to communicate the message and used a partnership with a known format, to built a unique and fully owned campaign.


Bebat’s general mission, is to collect and recycle used batteries. Belgians are doing very well when it comes to collecting old batteries, but how can we continue to raise awareness and communicate with the same message? Bebat wants to send their message with positive theme of doing something good for the one and only Mother Earth.

To get this message across, Bebat partnered up with DPG Media for a creative campaign. The campaign itself was spearheaded from the internationally known format The Voice Kids, which is aired in Belgium on VTM. The biggest commercial television network. So, we created our own hit-song for Bebat: “Pachamama”

We turned to famous Belgian singer Slongs, to create a unique song around the theme for Bebat. Pachamama, which translates to Mother Earth, was the result. Slongs offered a workshop to the participants of The Voice Kids to help them grow and share her experiences. But it was more than that, Slongs was looking for somebody to help her sing the song, that’s right: the winner of The Voice Kids got that opportunity! Together they sung the song and it was premiered through The Voice Kids.

Not only on air, but with the digital streaming service VTMGo the programme could be watched at any point online as well. To increase reach and engagement inuencers re-created the dance and the song through their social media such as Instagram and TikTok. A native content campaign was set up in support of the launch of the song through and the HLN app, the digital platforms of Belgium’s biggest newsbrand Het Laatste Nieuws

Nele Peeters, Director Marketing, Operations & Innovation Bebat: “Music is a universal language, and an accessible way to get our story and message across in a positive way. The choice for Slongs was obvious: she is very committed to the environment and manages to translate what we want to tell in a very nice way”.

Campaign video Bebat
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