Douwe Egberts – Vaders

Objective Campaign

Gender equality : only a women’s topic? Coffee brand Douwe Egberts wanted to serve the caring fathers an extra confidence boost and offer a conversation starter for the taboo-breaking announcements ahead.

With their classic media campaign ‘Vaders Openhartig’, they wanted to start the conversation, but at the same time Douwe Egberts also wanted to deepen the debate. Enter the native campaign flavoured with extra insights, relatable real-life stories, all topped with practical solutions.

Media Characteristics

But first, we snuck it in the extremely popular Q-Escape Room show. Making sure that on the day of the launch, already half a million people had heard about the campaign, and its message.

Then, our native campaign kicked in :
1) a nation-wide enquiry on the topic, culminating in
2) an 8 page profile in HUMO about the current state of gender equality.
3) Online, we created 4 videos on the topic in typical HUMO style. All carefully encapsulated in Douwe Egberts’ brand communication.
4) To maintain momentum, we spread our native stories to other content platforms and elaborated further on them.
5) Plus, we tapped into our pool of influencers to keep the conversation going and share their heartwarming, real-life stories.

Reason Best Practice

Ad recall rates exceeded everyone’s expectations and a much higher likeability than average.
Over 60% of men found the campaign authentic, credible, and even one of out 2 personally identified with the issue. 

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