MINI – The New Electric

Objective Campaign

MINI wanted to communicate about its new electric car “MINI Electric” while giving practical information about it and about electric cars in general. In addition, via the quiz, the brand wanted to have a ‘barometer’ of surfers’ knowledge on the subject. The main goal was to become an important player in the electric car sector as well as being top of mind. They chose Rossel Advertising because we were able to meet their needs è Premium websites and environments (credible, quality), wider reach and this corresponding to the target they wanted to reach/attract/inform (Social Groups 1-2) and which could represent the french-speaking part.

Media Characteristics

Last june, we proposed to MINI a native campaign, giving them the opportunity to be the first partner to benefit from our brand new format: the Longread 2.0 on This new environment is giving a stylish and chic context, matching perfectly with the brand. We targeted all the persons interested in electric cars. The campaign was setup with 3 articles off which one quiz, allowing the readers to test their knowledge in terms of electric cars. This native campaign has been completed with display ads and retargeting on our network.

Reason Best Practice

Creation of a brand new format for our lifestyle website, This Longread 2.0 has a new layout, allowing to present more visuals than the previous one. MINI was really satisfied about the campaign: The quality of the native piece exceeded expectations, « Design and luxury », highlighted the brand and thus the car and the created content blended perfectly. The quantitative results were also great – the average time spent on each article iwas above benchmark and we delivered 12% more page views than initialy guaranteed.

Frédéric Martins,
Head of Media chez ING Belgium

“Les cases de Mini et Kia ne sont remarquables, sans être particulièrement innovants, dans la mesure que ces marques utilisent des questionnaires et des enquêtes auprès des lecteurs pour créer l’interactivité avec les cibles et rédiger des contenus en rapport avec les voitures électriques sur base des données recueillies qui sont ensuite bien intégrés dans les différents supports.”

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