DELA – Salut Allemaal

ARGUMENTATION Dela is a specialist in funeral assistance and insurance and wants to communicate about their services, without disrespect or being too upfront. We all know that talking about the loss of loved ones, isn’t an easy feature. So it’s important that we tread lightly when communicating about saying farewell and breaking the taboos surrounding

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Bebat – Pachamama

ARGUMENTATION Bebat’s general mission, is to collect and recycle used batteries. Belgians are doing very well when it comes to collecting old batteries, but how can we continue to raise awareness and communicate with the same message? Bebat wants to send their message with positive theme of doing something good for the one and only

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VELUX – Blind Gekocht

ARGUMENTATION Starting point is the successful TV-format Blind Gekocht, an SBS-format, broadcasted on TV-channel VIER, in which young couples entrust their total savings plus a mortgage loan to a production house and a team of experts. Their goal? Find the first home of their dreams, based on a wish list, but within the boundaries of realistic expectations.

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